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Gel CleanserGel Cleanser

Deep cleanses even the oiliest skins leaving them clean and fresh -125 ml

  • A gentle cleanser that can be used twice daily on most skins
  • Will remove makeup but do not use for removing eye makeup
  • Mildly acidic ph (glycolic acid)
  • Dosage – 10 cent piece of gel cleanser only, each application
  • Deep cleanses and gently exfoliates surface skin cells
  • Reduces formation of keratin plugs.

Vitamin C SerumVitamin C Serum

A powerful antioxidant serum that helps protect your skin from free radical damage caused by sun exposure – 15 ml.

  • Contains Vitamin C as amino ascorbyl phosphate
  • Most stable form of ascorbic acid currently available
  • Use once daily, 2-3 drops, whole face and around the eyes
  • Soothes sunburn
  • Use as a substitute for moisturiser AM in ageing and sundamaged skins

Clear Skin 2%Clear Skin

Used to even skin tone, improve the appearance of skin discolouration and brighten the skin for a clearer complexion – 50 grams

  • A 2% hydroquinone formulation in aqueous cream.
  • Is usually used at night in conjunction with a Vitamin A product ie New Skin
    (1/2 gram of each cream is mixed together prior to application : this quantity
    is sufficient to treat the face and neck).
  • Can be used twice daily (morning and night); the morning application of 1/2
    gram of Clearskin 2% is applied first to clean, dry skin, prior to applying
    other creams.
  • Allergic reactions to Clearskin 2% are extremely rare, but can occur.

Smooth Skin 8%Smooth Skin 8%

A gentle exfoliating cream to smooth roughened skin and remove oil and dead skin. Ideal for acne prone and sun damaged skins – 50 grams.

  • An 8% glycolic acid formulation in an aqueous cream base
  • Use once daily for exfoliation
  • Usually applied in the morning after cleansing, onto a dry skin
  • May tingle for several minutes after application
  • Particularly suitable for acne, acne-prone skins and for aged and sundamaged skins
  • Very rarely patients may have an allergy to glycolic acid, this usually manifests as prolonged tingling and/or skin redness after application.

New SkinNew Skin

This retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A) cream is ideal for all normal, ageing and sun damaged skins. Helps to soften fine lines and restore the soft glow of youthful skin. Not suitable for acne prone or acne skins – 50grams.

  • A 1% retinyl palmitate cream, the maximum dose available without a doctor’s perscription
  • A collagen stimulating cream that can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • lways use in combination with Clearskin 2%.
  • Has a paradoxical effect on acne prone skin – is comedogenic, ie can stimulate the production of blackheads and pimples – therefore Do not use on acne prone skin
  • Is the closest product in the Clearskincare range to a traditional moisturiser: it can also be used twice a day if required.

Sunscreen Spf30+ PlusSunscreen Spf30+ Plus

An oil free broad spectrum (UVA & AVB) SPF30+ sunscreen suitable for acne prone skins. A frontline aid in the prevention of premature skin ageing and hyperpigmentation – 50 grams

  • An everyday sunscreen which can be used as a moisturiser combining high level sun protection (SPF30+) in a moisturising base suitable for all skins
  • An SPF30+ broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) sunscreen
  • Formulated with no oil, making it suitable for acne prone skins
  • Does not contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide as both of these compounds require an oil base, even in micronised form
  • Recommended for use every day, 365 days per year
  • Can be used under makeup

Microdermabrasion Cream With GlycolicMicrodermabrasion Cream With Glycolic

This cream is ideal for deep cleansing acne, acne prone and sun damaged skins

  • A salon strength cream you can use at home which can be repeated every 2-3 days depending on your skin’s response
  • lso ideal for deep cleansing acne on the chest and back
  • Clear Skincare Microdermabrasion cream with glycolic acid is an affordable alternative to expensive peels and salon microdermabrasion treatments – 30 gms

Microdermabrasion Cream With Retinyl PalmitateMicrodermabrasion Cream With Retinyl Palmitate

This exfoliating cream combines the power of aluminum oxide crystals with our New Skin. Used twice a week, this cream will produce a softened, smoother skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. A salon strength treatment you can perform at home, twice each week, to give your skin that salon fresh feel – 30 grams


CP SerumCP Serum

Our CP serum, made from breakdown resistent 2nd generation copper peptides is suitable for skins’ affected by acne, acne scar, aging, sun damage, scarring and excessive dryness. 


CP Hair TonicCP Hair Tonic

Our copper peptides hair tonic with soothing aloe vera, revitalises your hair and scalp, restoring and promoting your hairs sheen and lustre, adds body to your hair to look fuller, thicker and be more manageable.



Face RollerFace Roller

If you really want your creams to make a difference, you need the ‘Face Roller’.

The ‘Face Roller’ assists with the penetration of skin creams maximising the effectiveness of active ingredients.

Skin & Scalp Roller – Regular (48 Needles)Skin & Scalp Roller - Regular

The ‘Skin & Scalp Roller’ helps to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin, and can be used to improve acne scars and all indented scars, pigmentation, sun damage and stimulate hair regrowth.

Skin & Scalp Roller – Large (96 Needles)Skin & Scalp Roller - Large (96 Needles)

The ‘Skin & Scalp Roller’ helps to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin, and can be used to improve acne scars and all indented scars, pigmentation, sun damage and stimulate hair regrowth.



Easy Squeeze

Easy blackhead and pimple extraction. Everybody’s new best friend!

Easy SqueezeThe Easy Squeeze works by its unique, patented vertical pressure onto the pore, which enables the contents of even the most hardened, old blackhead or pimple to be extracted without damaging the skin. The Easy Squeeze is the most effective blackhead remover currently available.

Stretchmarks PackStretchmarks Pack

Skin & Scalp Roller, New Skin and Clearskin 2%

Stretch marks are caused rapid stretching of the skin, leading to breakage of the skin’s collagen. Stretch marks are best thought of as depressed scars, where the normal skin structure has been significantly injured and the collagen broken and replaced by fibrous tissue. They can be red or white. Generally red stretch marks are more responsive to treatment than white stretch marks.

Acne PackAcne Pack

Gel Cleanser, Smooth Skin 8%, Easy Squeeze extractor, Microdermabrasion cream with Glycolic Acid, Clearskin 2%, Clearskincare Sunscreen.

The Clearskincare Acne Treatment Programme and the Clearskincare Acne Pack. The Clearskincare Acne Pack is a topical acne treatment developed for all ages and all skin types including sensitive skin types. Dr McCaffery developed the Clearskincare Acne Treatment Programme as a topical alternative, with minimal side effects, to prescription oral treatments.

Youthful Skin/Sun Damage/Pigmentation PackYouthful Skin/Sun Damage/Pigmentation Pack

New Skin, Clearskin 2%, Vitamin C & Clearskincare Sunscreen.

Aging sun damaged skin, characterized by wrinkles, lines and pigmentation, is caused by the bodies inability to perfectly replicate and regenerate skin cells over time. The skins aging process is accelerated by poor diet, stress, sleep deprivation, smoking, alcohol and drug intake, pollutants and especially sun exposure

Hair Restoration PackHair Restoration Pack

Skin & Scalp Roller 96 & CP Hair Tonic

Our Hair Restoration Scalp Roller (Clearskincare’s Skin & Scalp Roller) offers a safe, effective and affordable way to maximise the beneficial results of the Clearskincare CP Hair Tonic and Minoxidil. Best of all, results can be achieved within 4-8 weeks with daily scalp rolling, a single application of Minoxidil and morning and evening applications of the Clearskincare CP Serum

Acne Scar PackAcne Scar Pack

Skin & Scalp Roller 48 & CP Serum

Recognising the need for the homecare treatment of mild to moderate acne scars, all indented scars, burns and ageing skin, Dr McCaffery developed a range of skin rollers that can be used at home.

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